AcryPlex - Premium Interior Paint

Kelly Moore Acryplex Paints

AcryPlex paints are a family of premium primers, flat and enamel finishes built to perform and provide luxurious finishes. Kelly-Moore’s best!
Formulated to resist spattering to help keep your tools and jobsite clean, applications will always flow smooth for great results. Great adhesion, even over aged alkyd enamels, the 100% acrylic sheens are formulated to resist blocking, so doors don’t stick.

Acry-Plex is available in a variety of sheens – flat, flat enamel, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss to match your desired sheen and function. 

KM Premium Professional Interior Paints

Kelly Moore Premium Professional Paint

Premium Professional interior paints deliver a durable finish with outstanding touch-up qualities. A better professional grade paint.
Premium Professional Interior Paints are available in low-sheen, flat, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes. 


AcryShield – Premium Exterior Paints

Kelly Moore Paints

Acry-Shield is a line of premium exterior paints formulated with 100% acrylic resins to provide superior performance against the effects of the sun, rain and temperature changes.

The family of products consists of a variety of exterior primers and finish coats in three desirable sheens – flat, low sheen and semi-gloss. Acry-Shield is an excellent choice for any residential or commercial project where long term durability is needed. 


Premium Professional Exterior Paints

Kelly Moore Paints

A top quality, multipurpose acrylic enamel ideal for exterior/interior projects. Acrinamel provides an exceptionally durable finish for exterior and interior surfaces that require a
moisture resistant, washable coating. Ideal for exterior metal and fi ne wood, as well as
interior wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. Its durable, moisture-resistant fi lm provides
the performance of an enamel finish with the benefits of a water clean up and low odor. 


DuraPoxy Premium Interior Enamels

Kelly Moore Paint

DuraPoxy enamels are beautifully resilient. Rich, vibrant color that lasts.

Formulated to produce an extremely hard, durable epoxy-like finish to resist stains and hold up to repeated washing. Easily wipe away everyday stains such as coffee, finger prints and marking pens.

Perfect for residential, commercial, health care, and light industrial applications. The 100% acrylic formulation provides low VOC, easy water cleanup, and contains an anti-microbial agent to control odors.

DuraPoxy is available in matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens.