Premium Wallboard 

Miller Painr Premium Wallboard Primer

This high solids PVA sealer is a premium high build, interior latex wall sealer. Suitable for application to interior wallboard. Premium sealer has increased body and covers better than traditional professional grade PVA primers. It seals better, builds faster and provides an excellent base coat for your interior wallboard.

Kril Primer/Sealer

Miller Paint Kril Primers/Sealer

A premium, 100% acrylic, interior/exterior primer/sealer particularly designed for use over concrete, wood, plaster, wallboard or wallpaper. Krill Primer/Sealer penetrates the substrate to get the best possible adhesion to the widest variety of surfaces. Our best water-thinned primer for alkaline surfaces. Also available in an accent base for tinting.

Acro Pure Wallboard

Miller Paint Acro Pure Primer

Acro Pure is a low odor, ultra low VOC interior acrylic latex primer designed for application to unprimed interior surfaces of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial environments. Acro Pure Primer is enhanced with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of odor causing mold and mildew bacteria.

Super Seal

Miller Paint Super Seal Primer

Formulated to use on wallboard, concrete, stucco and wood surfaces, Super Seal is a high build primer/sealer that provides good opacity and seal when applied at the recommended spread rate. It is a good choice for primer under light colors that may require multiple coats. Super Seal can be tinted with up to 2 oz. of universal tint to help achieve hide.

Miller Prime - All-Purpose, Stain Blocking Primer

Miller Prime

Miller Prime Stain Blocking Primer is a 100% acrylic water based primer. It is designed to seal and block most bleeding type stains on interior and exterior surfaces. It has been shown to be effective on stains such as ink, crayon, lipstick, food stains, water and smoke damage. Miller Prime Stain Blocking Primer has excellent adhesion to most surfaces and may be used as an all-purpose primer. Use on new or previously painted wood, wallboard, plaster, ceiling tiles, masonite and non-ferrous decorative metal. 

Qwik Prep Plus High Build Primer/Sealer

Miller AcriMax Paint

Our PVA primer formulated for use on interior wallboard. This product sands easily to a smooth surface and has good hiding power. Low odor and low VOC. Prepares porous surfaces so that the architectural topcoat has good uniformity. At 6-10 wet mils Qwik Prep Plus High Build Primer can take a level 4 finish to a level 5 without the need to skim coat by hand.

Builder Primer/Flat

Miller Builder Flat Primer

Our professional vinyl-acrylic emulsion primer designed for new wallboard and other interior recommended surfaces. Ideal for professional grade construction projects of any size. Formulated to save a step and prime and finish in one application.

Builder Qwik Prep (Pre-Texture)

Miller Qwik Prep

Our fast drying primer designed to equalize the porosity differences between the drywall face paper and joint compound in new drywall construction. Builder Qwik Prep has excellent hide and is very white in color so you can easily see your new pattern when spraying texture. It provides a uniform surface that minimizes “joint banding” and “photographing’ of the finish coat.

Miller Prime Acrylic Enamel Undercoat

Miller Qwik Prep

Miller Prime Acrylic Enamel Undercoat may be applied over new and previously painted interior wood including cabinets, doors, and trim. It is a quick drying 100% acrylic enamel undercoat that provides good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Miller Prime Acrylic Enamel Undercoat sands easily to provide a smooth surface in preparation for the topcoat.

Miller Prime Pure Paint Primer

Miller Qwik Prep

Miller Prime Pure Paint Primer is our premium quality, penetrating alkyd primer for wood siding, trim plywood, pressed board, and other porous wood surfaces. It is stain resistant and provides excellent adhesion and holdout. Pure Paint Primer is formulated to accept both water and oil based top coats. May be tinted with up to 4 oz. colorant.

Performance Plus Primer

Miller Qwik Prep

Performance Plus Primer is a professional quality interior primer formulated for use on walls and ceilings. This MPI #50 approved primer can be used on new interior wallboard, plaster, and concrete surfaces. It has good enamel holdout properties, making it a great undercoat for preserving the gloss of the topcoat on new surfaces.